Paid subscriptions can be wonderful amenities to have in life. Streaming services are the definitive example of paid subscriptions, and the blossoming number of video platforms has provided everyone with access to unparalleled volumes of content they can watch anywhere with an online connection.

Then again, tracking all of your subscriptions might be another issue. Can you honestly say how many you are registered to? How much does each one cost? What day of the month is each one due? It might be time to get back on top of things, and that starts with knowing how to track and manage all those paid subscriptions you have.

Cord cutting has grown in popularity in recent years. While there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of cable and satellite channels you can watch, there are downsides to the programming. Episodes might only be weekly, there are commercials, and you have to stick to their schedule and broadcast times.

Streaming services are different. You can watch whatever you want, you can binge entire seasons or even series without waiting for new episodes, and you can start and stop whenever you want. When you come back, you can even pick up wherever you left off originally.

For that matter, streaming services are where most new content is waiting for you. Not so long ago, it was a huge deal when Netflix was coming up with their own original series or two. Now, they try and release a new season of one series or another every single weekend.

The other streaming services have all invested heavily into their own original content as well, because once produced, they never have to pay royalties or fees like they do every time they renegotiate a content contract with someone else’s movies or TV shows.

Free trials are effective ways for them to draw in subscribers, and low monthly rates for access to tons of content means it’s possible for you to sign up for multiple platforms all at once. Having said that, signing up for too many can mean you are suddenly paying more for subscription streaming services than you were for cable or satellite.

Using the right website or app to manage all your subscriptions lets you drop plans you’re not using, downgrade other plans to cheaper alternatives, and make the most of your money.