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I Fund Philly Kicks off 2020 with the Hiring of New Vice President of Business Development


Philadelphia-based private lending company, I Fund Philly (iFP), is excited to welcome aboard one of its original founders, Christopher Tereo, to a full-time role leading their business development efforts. Born and raised in the greater Philadelphia area, Christopher brings a comprehensive background in asset management, infill development and years of localized real estate expertise to support iFPs core initiatives. Prior to the transition to iFP, Chris oversaw the asset management strategy as a local real estate developer. He has successfully negotiated the buy and sell side of single family, multi-family, and commercial mixed-use properties across the city.

“I Fund Philly continues to develop the best borrowing experience for real estate investors, as measured by the borrowers. Through Chris’s vast experience as a developer and asset manager, he will look to have an immediate impact and inspire our customers,“ said Bryan Ziegenfuse, Managing Partner of iFP.

“Chris brings an authentic passion for people, development and lending that will greatly serve borrowers and the local community,” offers company founder, Ryan Herting. “The more time we spend upfront learning about a prospective client’s current project, understanding their challenges and learning their overall goals, the better service we can provide from day one. I have no doubt that Chris will help us to accomplish this.”

“Joining I Fund Philly in a full-time capacity has been a vision of mine for over two years,” says Chris. “What started as a conversation between Ryan and I at Chickie’s & Pete’s in South Philly, has turned into one of the most competitive and efficient private lending platforms in our community. I look forward to being on the lending side of development deals for a change. Coming from the building/development background, I align with and deeply appreciate iFPs emphasis on trust and transparency, which is a crucial dynamic in establishing confidence between our customers and our team. When I am underwriting a deal for a potential customer, I’m not only looking to see if the deal fits our model, but also looking at the deal from the lens as a fellow developer. I believe having someone on the other end of the phone who has been in your shoes and can better understand your distinctive needs and concerns, is an exceedingly comforting feeling and helps build the borrower’s confidence in our services. I am looking forward to a great end to 2019 and an even more exciting start to 2020.”

I Fund Philly, a private lender connecting the various sides of the real estate community, provides working capital to developers, investors and builders. iFP has continued to differentiate itself from its lending competitors, and is experiencing a fast, natural growth as a result of developing their long-term, community-focused platform. I Fund Philly’s community is comprised of investors, lenders, local businesses and service providers.

For additional information on their services and office location, please visit ifundphilly.com. You can contact the company by calling Bryan Ziegenfuse or Christopher Tereo at 856-904-2802 or 215-605-0000.