House flipping has quickly shot to popularity as an investment thanks to the myriad of TV shows that make it look like an easy move to make big money in a short amount of time. While that’s not exactly the case, it is a potentially profitable business venture. Here are some podcasts you should check out to enhance your house flipping business.


The House Flipping HQ Podcast

House Flipping HQ finds and interviews some of the most successful house flippers in the industry. House flipping is a lot of trial and error, so this podcast is a great option which can allow you to learn from the mistakes of others instead of on your own dime. With three weekly episodes, there’s always something new to enjoy.


The Flip Talk Podcast

Host Don Costa prides himself on cutting out all the motivational talk that is so prevalent in real estate circles. Instead, he doesn’t focus on bringing in industry experts as much as bringing in men and women who do this for a living. They share their successes and also share their failures.


Flipping Junkie Podcast

Just celebrating their four-year anniversary of the podcast launch, Flipping Junkies does more than just share stories. Once a week a new episode is uploaded that covers a variety of house flipping related topics such as estimating repair costs, market trends, and contractor reviews. These folks are addicted to house flipping and they’re a great choice if you are too.


Flipping Houses for Rookies

An excellent choice if you’re just venturing into the world of house flipping. With a new episode every week, you will have seven days to really go over everything you learned in one podcast before the next one is launched. Discover great foundational information from people who have built and scaled a house flipping business.


Bigger Pockets Podcast

Hosts Jay and Carol Scott are two of the faces of the house flipping business. They know what it means to dive in head first, as they both left jobs in corporate management to go into real estate flipping full time, and have been wildly successful at it. They consider what they teach is a “real world MBA” and you will find it invaluable.


The Flip Factor Podcast

Once weekly expert house flipper Michael Green interviews another industry tycoon and teaches you the tips and tricks on how to take your house flipping business from one property to a portfolio of profit.


Investing in Real Estate

A happy mix of expert flipper Lex Levinrad who interviews three startup flippers a month and brings you their struggles and his advice. A great way to hear an industry leader’s take on questions you’re probably facing.


Whether you’re in the car, in the gym, or doing paperwork, check out some of these great podcasts!