When it comes to personal finance, a lot of people are lost on where to begin. With the COVID-19 pandemic changing many industries and the ways people utilize their money, it’s the perfect time to learn about personal finance. You won’t have to look too hard either. Here are some books to get you going.


The Automatic Millionaire


If you’ve got big aspirations, this book is for you. The Automatic Millionaire helps you develop a plan to reach your financial goals. The book also aims to help you get in the habit of building wealth by setting yourself up with systems. The book’s author, David Bach, boasts that you don’t need a budget, willpower, or even a hefty salary in order to reach your goals.


Think and Grow Rich


If you need some inspiration to jumpstart your personal finance journey, Think and Grow Rich can be a winner for you. The main focus of this book is on getting you in the right frame of mind for wealth building. The book was initially published back in 1937. However, don’t dismiss it as there is some advice in Think and Grow Rich that is timeless. It’s considered to be the holy grail of personal finance books.


Your Money or Your Life


Looking for ways you can retire early? Your Money or Your Life is the book for you. The book walks you through how to obtain financial independence. The book covers what mindset you should be having as well as which investments to make.


You Are a Badass at Making Money


The goal of Jen Sincero with You Are A Badass at Making Money is to help readers break free of what’s holding them back from reaching their financial goals. It’s all about removing the doubt, excuses, and fear that comes with taking that big step towards financial freedom.


Spend Well, Live Rich


Beginners in search of some personal finance advice will feel comfortable with Spend Well, Live Rich. It covers setting priorities and having enough money saved so that you can live your life without limits. People who aren’t keeping tabs on their personal finance often limit their choices by not saving.